CRAFT INDUSTRY ALLIANCE:  a trade organization that provides education, community and resources craft industry professionals.   What I created:  Logo, color palette and business cards   Craft Industry Alliance  founders Kristin Link and Abby Glassenberg came to me knowing that they wanted their identity to reflect the craft industry they served but they wanted to make sure it was inclusive to makers in a  variety of genres. The color palette was based off their love for a minimalist 1960s aesthetic and the hand-illustrated tools embody the craftiness of their community without specifically appealing to only sewists. 
 KARI CHAPIN: Author, speaker and creative business consultant catering to creatives and entrepreneurs.   What I created:  Kari  came to me with an idea for her business cards but needed help with color, layout and bringing her idea to fruition. I created the illustration of her and paired it with a fun color palette and design that reflects her friendly yet professional manner. 
  HARRIET ELLS:  California-based radio, television and film producer.    What I created:  Logo, business cards and color palette  Harriet Ells a seasoned producer, coordinator and director has worked with companies like KCRW, Lifetime Networks, Broadband, NBC, the NBA and the Olympics. When Harriet’s career path changed directions and she decided to start freelancing she contacted me to create a logo, business card and branding that fit her personal and business style with influences from the Arts and Craft Movement, Art Nouveau and Art Deco but with a modern quality.
  BACKYARD IN A JAR:  Preserves handcrafted from fruit gathered in Southern California backyards and farms  What I created:  Branding, identity, logo, web, packaging and hangtags.  Delilah Snell, the founder of Backyard in a Jar knows just about everyone in Orange County. Not only does she know them, but they invite her over to harvest their backyard offerings which often fell to ground before she hit the road in her 1970s Volkswagon bus to Southern California backyards for local produce to create her seasonal jams, preserves, jellies and more. It was essential to incorporate not just her love of seasonal harvesting but the integral part her VW bus plays in her business.
  DINO’S BARBER SHOP:  Classic men’s barbershop  What I created:  Branding, identity, logo, web and packaging.  Cutting hair and trimming beards since 1962, Dino’s Barber Shop wanted a new look that kept the aesthetic of a classic barbershop but was a bit more modern. I made sure to incorporate the traditional barbershop colors into their branding while keeping the logo simple and black and white. Carrying over the look into the branding of their products and packaging was so much fun since I got to work with one of my favorite design elements: color as I juxtaposed vintage and modern feels.
  THE GOOD LUCK GALLERY:  art gallery in the heart of Los Angeles’s Chinatown  What I created:  branding, identity, logo, web and packaging.  When artist and publisher of Artillery Magazine, Paige Wery decided to open her first gallery I couldn’t wait to assist with her logo and branding. In the heart of Los Angeles’ Chinatown on Chung Kind Road,  The Good Luck Gallery  needed an identity that embodied its’ unique location but would look great in black and white since it would be paired with so many different types of art in varying color palettes. I loved creating the “Good luck comes to those who buy art” fortune that Wery will have tucked inside fortune cookies in the gallery.
  ROCK SALT ARTISAN ICE CREAM:  Artisan ice cream sprinkled with custom made salts  What I created:  Name, branding, identity, logo, web and packaging.  I couldn’t help but recall making ice cream as a child while working with these innovative ice cream makers. Of course, I remembered how tired my arms got turning the crank on the old-fashioned wooden ice cream maker. I also couldn’t forget pouring the salt into the canister to keep the ice cold as the ice cream churned. The name Rock Salt not only harkens back to suburban backyard ice cream making but the fact that these guys sprinkle custom mixed salt blends onto each scoop. The branding embodies the aesthetic of classic sweet treats but with a clean modern look.
  STONEHOUSE CATERING CO.:  Sonoma County based catering company that focuses on local sustainable cooking.  What I created:  Name, branding, identity, logo, web and packaging.  Stonehouse Catering Co. wanted a simple modern look with a pop of color that had elements utilizing the imagery of their name as well as reminding clients of the farm to table feel of both their company as well as Sonoma County. Their deep affection for flake sea salt inspired the sea salt tin business card.
  SUNSHINE STUDIO:  wedding, art and event photography based in California.  What I created:  Name, branding, identity, logo, web and packaging.  Sunshine Studio sought a identity reflecting both their home state of California as well as the mood of the special events they capture. They were also looking for a unique way to send couples their wedding photograph disks and flash drive.
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